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Single: Worth It
VÖ: 09.08.2019
Label: Sureshaker

Sydneys Alt-R'&B Kosmonauten Gold Member schwingen im Raum zwischen den Palmen und der wilden, blauen Galaxie, schießen gefühlvolle, samplegetränkte Songs ins Sonnensystem. Ihr neue Single "Worth It" ist ein Lied, das von diesem Ausdruck inspiriert ist: “Love what you do and never work a day in your life". Es ist eine Erinnerung daran, keine Zeit an Dinge zu verschwenden, die du bereuen wirst. Die Zeile “Just cuz it’s working, it doesn’t mean that it is worth it” erklärt Bandmitglied Az wie folgt:

“You can have a great paying job, a nice car, and a $10K rolex watch, but that watch will tell you the same time as a $10 watch. I grew up in a regional area, being part aboriginal, 1 of 4 kids, we didn’t live in a fancy house with a nice car parked in the garage. I lost my dad when I was younger, and now I try to hold on to the things that he told me and the memories from when we were young. Hanging out with him, having a cheeky sip of his beer, lighting car seats on fire without him looking, cycling around the backyard (he cycled pretty well). My dad had everything in life that he wanted really but he had bought into a couple of ideas that he realised he didn't need to. Last thing my dad said to me was, “Just Party. That’s all you gotta do. Take care of yourself.” For some people, happiness can be found in a nice car or a watch, but that would probably change if they got told they would die in a week. So I’ve asked myself, “Are you happy and is it worth it?”

"Worth It" inhaliert die schwülen 70er-Jahre-Soul-Sounds und pumpt sie durch einen Party-Recovery-Filter. Es ist eine Mischung aus beatgetriebenem, freakigem, Synthie-Überbau und souliger Performance sowie interplanetarem Gesang. Im August sind die Australier zusammen mit der Band Ocean Alley auf Deutschlandtour.



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